Tuesday, March 17, 2015

03.17.2015 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Zumba, now having a quick tzatziki and whole wheat flat bread while I wait for the oven to warm up so I can cook some salmon. I feel like a chef! I actually wanted masking tape and a sharpie so I could put a date on my tzatziki! Which, is totally a good idea. I'm working on getting the kitchen cleaned up before my mom comes this weekend. When I came home at lunch I made cookie dough! Mmm. I'm going to roll the dough and freeze it (which also means I need to make some space in the freezer!). I'm trying to get my kitchen similar to when I lived in Italy. So right now I'm focused on: calories, using up food in the freezer, using up stuff in the pantry. I have a huge 2 pound bag of yeast from Costco that is still active, but it pretty old.

Baked Salmon - simple and delicious

I just signed up for my next exam. Site Planning & Design, for April 12th, 8am. Ugh 8am, but that was the only time slot available and I wanted to take it before I head to NYC! I guess I should have signed up earlier.

Now, I'm off to study before getting to bed at a decent hour! I'll roll my cookies tomorrow.

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