Saturday, March 14, 2015

03.14.2015 Saturday - Getting rid of clothes that don't fit anymore

Wow, so many pairs of black pants, that don't even fit me anymore. I've held onto them because I was thinking I didn't want to have to buy new clothes when I lost weight. Well, that method hasn't been working! I think if I get rid of the skinny clothes, they won't haunt me anymore (with the exception of the pieces I *love*. Clothes are replaceable in that I could always go buy more clothes, but specific items, like the dress I bought in Spain and then carried with me around Europe for another month and a half? I'm holding on to that dress and I WILL fit into it again!

When I get my weight back down, my reward will be that I get to go shopping! I need to look at it as a positive! I love going shopping, and not fitting into my clothes anymore (because I'm too small) will be such a great reward. Trying on clothes when I've lost the weight will feel great. It's a good thing to get rid of clothes! I'm dropping the weight of expectations, living with clothes that fit me, and then I can reward myself by buying new clothes in updated fashions and cuts. And when I love weight my body might be different from what it was before.

I'm also going to make a list of all the things I'm donating because I'm a home owner now and I will be itemizing my tax deductions!

I'm not done with the clothes yet, I'm doing some laundry, still need to go through shoes, bags, towels and bedding. I'm going to move on to the kitchen next because I want to get ready for bento boxes! I want to cook food, I want my kitchen to be a happy place again, not a place of stress which is what it has been since the holidays. I will not be able to lose weight if I cannot enjoy making food in my kitchen.

It's feeling good to go through stuff, it's kind of gross out (Spring rain) which makes staying inside not too bad, but the process of getting all the clutter out of the house is less enticing with the rain.

I wanted to get Howland out of the house today, but waited too long to get him an appointment so he's going to get a bath tomorrow morning, while I go out and run errands (mostly returning and donating things). We walked to Dutch Brothers this morning, feeling on track with my fitbit steps. I would like to have a wireless base at home too, not just work, cause I like having all the data!

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