Sunday, March 15, 2015

03.15.2015 Sunday Productive Sunday

I love running errands on the weekend! Today was so productive I feel great. Here's what I did today:

  1. Made a list of all the items I was donating (for tax purposes)
  2. Walked Howland
  3. Took Howland to Petco for grooming
  4. Dropped off approx. 4 garbage bags worth of donations at Goodwill
  5. Stopped at Dutch Brothers for a morning beverage
  6. Dropped off dry cleaning
  7. Recycled huge bag of plastic shopping bags at Roth's
  8. Returned modem at Comcast
  9. Ordered new cell phone 
  10. Grocery shopping
  11. Picked up Howland from grooming appt. 
Then I came home and hung out for a bit before going to a wedding registry event with my friend KW. We stopped at Cafe Yumm (which looked closed but luckily was still open for a few more minutes!). They were so nice too! Because they were about to close (and there was no one else there) they gave us large Yumm bowls when we only ordered smalls! Which means I have lunch for tomorrow!

I'm planning to make some Jacques Torres cookies, but I also really want to stop eating sugar. But I want to bake! Agh! So I'm thinking, I will make the dough, and freeze the cookie dough (this is all assuming my eggs are still good). My fridge is pretty well cleaned out but I want to work on emptying my pantry. The times I ate the healthiest was when I went to the grocery store regularly and didn't have a stocked pantry. I ordered these meal planning sheets from knock knock I'm pretty excited about them! Apparently my bento boxes were delivered yesterday to the office, so hopefully they are on my desk when I arrive tomorrow. And the meal planning pad should arrive tomorrow as well. I want to get going on changing my diet! I think sugar free week will be my plan. And I'll make the cookie dough tomorrow because I want to make it, and then I'll make the balls and just freeze them. I need to be eating healthy food, which for now means upping the veggie intake, and cutting the sugar intake. Keeping track of what I'm eating too. I need to be in my calorie range. I'm not going to lose weight without tracking what I'm eating. I need to know what I'm putting into my body!

And today my boyfriend started a new job which sounds like it's going to be a much better/happier fit for him. He also told me he is going to come to NYC next month which means I'll finally get to see him after what will be 2 months of changed moods. It will be really nice to actually spend time together in person. I haven't seen him since Christmas. Things haven been so much better since mid-January when we started opening up more. We were on the verge of breaking up and we managed to swing a 180. That's all been talk though, without actually spending some time together, it's hard to know if this is really going to work. We both want it to and I think that's the biggest hurdle we've overcome. Now it's jut a matter of timing and making the distance suck less. And asking for what we both want. 

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