Sunday, March 8, 2015

03.08.2015 - Sunday

What a great weekend! Went to the coast for a ladies weekend with a new friend, an old friend, my sister-in-law and a couple neighbors-in-law. It was great to relax, wear out the dog on the beach, and have all the girl talk! Oh man, it had been a while!

I just got home from seeing The Duff which was a pretty entertaining movie. It was an enjoyable end to a normal length weekend that felt long even though it was technically an hour shorter! I'm excited for longer daylight hours, so I can take the puppy to the park after work!

I've been working on this path to self-acceptance and self-love. I've had periods where I have been very comfortable with myself, which is when I have met boyfriends. And much longer periods where I felt like I was just going through life not really sure who I was. High school was a lot of that which, I guess is normal. Matt ordered me some girly polka-dot rain boots and I totally love them. Putting them on made me feel cute and girly - a feeling I'm not accustomed to. This got me thinking about high school and how I was always pretty tom-boy-ish in my dress. I didn't like clothes that were bright or anything too unique (even though I liked to design clothes and sew, I didn't actually wear the things I made because I was too self conscious). I was uncomfortable if people were noticing me. I tended to just go with what other people wanted and not really be true to myself.

Now in a relationship where I started out true to myself but slowly slipped over time to compromising but not so far that the relationship had to end for me to find myself again (though it was close). I'm not focusing on being myself, being true to myself and taking care of myself. Speaking up for my wants and needs. This is taking some getting used to, it's been a couple months of, even though we are long distance right now, we are actually talking about wants and needs and trying to do what we can to meet each other's needs while also taking care of ourselves. I am excited to see where things go as I continue to struggle with the path of self discovery. I feel lucky to have developed some really good friends out here too that I can talk to about this stuff. I think that is how girls figure things out, is by talking about thoughts and feelings. I wish it was more normal and encouraged for people to get in touch with how they feel and talk about it.

If I was going to redesign K through 12, I would include mindfulness and meditation classes. Nutrition classes and Home Ec classes where you learned how to cook balanced meals (no brownies with a can of syrupy cherries that I refused to eat!). There would be classes on budgeting. There would be regular reminders of compounding interest. I would have all the high-schoolers read Your Money or Your Life before they started getting jobs. I would teach what liabilities and assets are, with examples of what true assets are and liabilities masked as assets (like this house I recently bought). I feel like I have learned a lot in the last few years especially about money, things I wish I'd not just been told, but been made to understand, earlier in life.

How do you get teenagers to learn about this stuff? Especially if money tends to burn a hole in their pocket? (One of my dad's favorite sayings about me a money, another thing he would always say when I wanted something was "save your money!")

Well the goal for this week is to get my place cleaned up. I took my exam, finished the video project by the deadline but my place is such a mess it's stressing me out. I do want to get some help with cleaning but I have also realized that my emergency fund goal is achievable by the end of this year but I need to tighten up the purse strings to get there. Which means thinking twice (or 3 times) about all purchases. The expenses of the exams and eating healthy are also priorities, so if I don't reach my savings goal because I'm paying for exams, that's worth it. If I'm not meeting my savings goals (there is a monthly amount I will need to save to reach said goal) because I'm spending on new kitchen toys I don't need, or buying new things that are not to replace something that I have worn out, there will be issues! Must meet savings goal (or get as close as I can!)

You can do anything, you can't do everything.
You can afford anything, you can't afford everything.

Remember your goals:
1. Health + Fitness, Workout, eat right, track calories, meet steps goal (yay Fitbit!)
2. Exams, 2 down, 5 to go!
3. Savings, Keep an eye on the budget

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