Wednesday, March 4, 2015

03.04.2015 Wednesday

Waking up with a light sensitive headache is not awesome. I was at the office until 8pm in a meeting yesterday. I didn't have to stay until 8, but the last hour was good learning talking about the specification and contract.

I ordered a Fitbit Charge, the wrist band that also tracks floors, calories and give the time and date. The small should have fit but it's just a little too tight. Luckily Amazon is amazing and they are refunding me and gave me a pre-paid label so I can return this one. And I have a month to return it which means I can get my refund, order a new larger size, and return the small one and not go without tracking data! Just ordered the large size, and I can use the box it comes in to return my too small one! Yay! Several of my coworkers are using the Charge so it'll be nice to compete with people I know (and like) and not just random strangers from the internet. Maybe we can have an in-office competition too for most steps. Everyone puts in 5 bucks, all people int he same office because some people who use the fitbit have more active jobs, like my frie-quaintance John is averaging 150k steps for the week! Crazy!

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