Thursday, March 12, 2015

03.11.2015 Wednesday - topics

I love that our workouts, personal trainer designed, only take like 20 minutes. I think I'm ready to step up the weight though, I'll mention that at our next session on Monday!

Some thoughts on potential blog posts:

  • The process of decluttering my house
  • The process of decorating my house
  • The ideal kitchen, what equipment is necessary/extra
  • Weekly post of links to read (links from other blogs that I like)
  • Money saving tips
  • Living your ideal life
  • Bento lunches and dinners (with calorie information and recipes)
    • Take beautiful photos!
  • Developing personal style
  • Money 
    • Savings tips
    • Growing your  money in my current situation

  • Inspiration images
  • Book reports
    • Infographic summaries
  • Being a doggie mommy
    • Dog treat recipes
    • Cute doggy pictures!
  • Recipes
    • Simple
    • Elaborate for special occasions
  • Relationships
    • Long distance
    • Communication
  • PNW, exploring
  • Life lessons
  • Food on a budget
  • Sticking to a budget
    • Financial
    • Dietary
  • Cutting sugar
  • Misophonia/4S
I'm not sure what specific niche I'll develop into, I will explore over time and see what fits!

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