Monday, March 9, 2015

03.09.2015 - Misophonia Monday

Today was another long meeting day. We started at 9:15 and went til 2:30pm. Normally I'm able to manage these lunch meetings but today was just too much. The sounds of everyone eating chips, and another person tossing a lozenge around her mouth while talking pushed me over the limit of my "fight or flight" response to the sounds of people eating. I left work after the meetig to cool my jets. I picked up a hot chocolate and went  home to see the puppy. I've always been  able to manage the agitation until today. I was in tears which feels crazy because it's just from people making normal people noises but it drives me crazy. I recently started taking big deep breaths when I start getting agitated but it wasn't working today. I'm thinking an elimination diet might help me figure out any triggers. I also have the paper work to go get some fasting blood work done which I should do soon. For now I'm going to go to bed, I've been chatting about this on Facebook a bunch and I'm starting to get agitated again!

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