Friday, March 13, 2015

03.13.2015 - Friday

Is it just me or have there been a lot of Friday the 13th lately?

I just mowed the lawn for the first mow of the Spring! Omg that yard is so bumpy! I also realized now that it's starting to get a little nicer that if I want to have a garden this year, I need to do it right and right now! I was thinking of building multiple raised beds out front between the sidewalk and street but seeing as my one sad little bed last year didn't get much love (in part because I rushed it, and in part because blackberries started/continued to take over that spot). Perhaps that can be part of this weekends plan. Pull out my awesome book about growing in the PNW, which breaks things down month by month (which is exactly what I need! Spell it out for me!) I'm thinking squarefoot gardening is the way to go - it'll be a bit of an investment getting started, but I feel like it will be a good investment. So, likely a trip to the hardware store this weekend! And some planning while disposing. My mom is coming next weekend to help me caulk and paint my shed. I saw some of the nails are already getting a little rusty so I might want to hit them with some anti-rust primer or something. I haven't even picked a color yet! Agh!

My goal this weekend is to get my kitchen and fridge cleaned up. My bento boxes are slated to arrive on Monday and I want to be ready for them!

Today I was working on my Facebook addiction. It already seems to be helping, I've only been on twice today. My method was every time I wanted to go to Facebook I instead put on my calendar the time and why I wanted to look at Facebook. Mostly it was boredom or habit (while waiting for Revit to Sync). Then when I got home, I checked Facebook and it didn't really do much for me. Which is great! Then I mowed the lawn, and now I'm typing this up while watching Once Upon a Time, which is a pretty awesome show.

Tonight is a girls night, thanks to my fella who gave me some money so I could take out a couple friends. We are goning to check out the new sushi restaurant Crema, and then going to see The Hobbit at the second run theater which will be nice. I'm looking forward to a busy day tomorrow getting things done. I need to get back into studying on Monday so this weekend needs to be to get shit done!

K&L were not feeling great, so we just had dinner and then L left and K and I went to Borderlands to pick up my new game, Sushi Go. Then we played a game  of it, and I bought some card sleeves for my Dominion game. Now I'm home with puppy, I think it's movie time! Tomorrow is boxing class (probably) and then cleaning/decluttering. Starting with clothes. Hm, I'm kind of nervous about the idea of getting rid of my "skinny" clothes.  I think mostly concerns of financnes and not wanting to spend more. I might keep the skinny clothes that I *LOVE*. I can always go buy more slim skinny black work pants... I think I own like 5 pairs or something. And dresses are totally rare, so I'll keep dresses that I *love*. Keep  only things that bring joy! Remember!

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