Tuesday, March 10, 2015

03.10.2015 Tuesday

I started listening to The life-changing magic of tidying up towards the end of work today. I'm pretty excited about it (and wish I brought my notes home!)

So far I've gotten as far as:
- Discard first, then think about where things will go
- Organize by category (ie: do all the clothes at once, or all the books, etc.)
- Declutter in the following order: Clothing, Books, Papers, Misc. then Mementos
- When deciding if you want to keep something, ask the question "does it bring me joy"?
- There was also a part of envisioning who you want to be. What is the goal of decluttering (who do you want to be that clutter is getting in the way of?) This is the part I want to explore more right now. She referred to one client who said she wanted to be more "feminine" but that was too vague. What did it mean to be more feminine? To her it meant being the kind of woman who took baths and drank tea at night.

So - what do I dream of being? What kind of life do I picture?

I picture feeling relaxed at home. Creating - making art, making food, making clothes, making gifts. I said a long time ago that my life's purpose is to make things. I still believe that, but have let junk get in my way. I almost wonder if I should get rid of the TV... but then I know myself, I know I would just end up in front of the computer instead. Ideally I would like to garden, but I also know I am lazy. I would like to be more active, out and about, hiking, exploring nature, doing things outside of the house. Now that it's warming up outside that should be easier. I'm still lazy though! How do I overcome that!?!

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