Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2.17.2015 - Tuesday

I've been sick for almost a week now. This obnoxious dry throat and cough. Mostly, the cough wakes me up around 3am. It's even bothering Howland who has taken to moving to the couch when my coughing gets too annoying. A dog needs his beauty sleep I guess.

My second take of the PPP exam is on Saturday. I feel more prepared than last time, but this test could have questions on anything, so as much as I prepare I don't know that I will ever feel 100% ready, for any of the test.

I've been finding it hard to keep my house clean since Matt took the job in Texas. Especially with trying to study, eat healthy, take care of myself and the dog all at the same time. I let the dirty dishes pile up too much and now I have a mountain to climb instead of what was a small mole hill. And for the moment, I'm too stressed to care! That pile is just going to have to wait until Sunday when I've taken the exam and can start fresh. I have grand plans for how I will make it work better next time. Get all the dishes done, then do a little bit every day.

Thankfully the days are starting to get longer, I can take Howland to the park after work and not feel like such a terrible dog-mom leaving the poor thing in his crate most of the day. I try to make it home at lunch (lucky work is so close, and lucky the dog park is so close to home too!) but it doesn't always happen. I'm trying to make it a priority though.

We almost broke up. There was a long stretch of unhappiness but there was still love. We have somehow managed to get back to the core of love and pulled away the unhappiness. There is hope. One of the things we agreed on is that we need to both take care of ourselves. I'm also realizing that I really need to make myself my number one priority. To listen to what I want and what I think and what I feel. It is so easy for me to get pulled down when I am surrounded my negative/depressed energy and that is not my normal. I am generally a pretty positive person, who is working on multiple projects. I let that fall by the wayside because he was un or under employed and unhappy in his career. My career has been moving forward, finally given the title Project Manager which has me really wanting to step up and BE one.

I'm currently focusing on 3 goals.

1. Eat right, exercise, be healthy, get fit

  • What this means: Get weight down to 145-150 pounds
  • How am I doing it: Personal Trainer once a week, Zumba twice a week, dietary change
  • What am I struggling with? The dietary change. Counting calories and tracking what I eat. Especially presently while my house is such a mess, my kitchen sink full, but limited time to choose between relaxing after work, studying, cleaning and preparing food.

2. Take all the ARE sections,

  1. CDs = passed
  2. PPP  = scheduled 2.21
  3. SPD = tentative 3.28
  4. SD = tentative 64.23
  5. SS = tentative 6.13
  6. BS = tentative 7.18
  7. BDCS = tentative 9.12

3. Save an emergency Fund

  • 3-6 months of spending, which is about $15,000. Which is a lot. I was hoping to do it in a year, but realized I wouldn't be able to do anything else or have much fun so decided that for now I'll focus on my exams which is building my earning potential, and I should restart my 401k since we are matched 6% and that's free money!
  • Try to reduce clutter and sell things I don't want/need/use

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