Thursday, February 26, 2015

02.26.2015 - Thursday


Five more tests to go! I feel excited to study and get them done. This year is all about me. Taking care of my health, my career, and building up skillz for the future. 

Christal and I went to Zumba tonight. We were going to do our upper body workout too but I'm feeling the pressure that I need to finish watching all the study videos before next Thursday, so I wanted to get home to keep watching them after hour long Zumba.

I started out Zumba thinking some really negative things but I was thinking about the first episode of the new podcast Invisibilia I listened to earlier today and about how


And I decided to change the way I was talking to myself. I started being nicer. At first I was thinking negative things, comparing myself to other people who were working out, thinking about how my belly is so big and just hanging off the front of me. Then I mixed it up. I said "you are here, you are doing this, there are people who can't even do this. You showed up." And it worked, I started feeling better, feeling good about working out. I still have a lot of work to do. A lot of weight to lose, but really the mental shift is the most important thing I need to work on. 

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  1. DUDE! Noticing thoughts is a HUGE thing. It's been a major tool for me in overcoming periods of depression. It's totally not fair to bully ourselves. We wouldn't like to see others be bullied, so why is it okay to bully ourselves? Not okay! When you hear a negative comment go "woah, why am I being mean to myself? I am human. I do the best I can" and then allow yourself to feel feelings without judgement or adding to them. Example: I feel sad because X. It's okay. It's natural to feel sad. So I can feel sad, but then I am going to do Y to improve my life! YAY!

    This is seriously an important tool for positive mental health. I wish more people thought this way.