Thursday, February 19, 2015

02.19.2015 Thursday

I'm finally feeling at about 80% instead of 20% Yay! Howland slept on the couch last night, my puppy is ditching me :( I wonder if I'm thrashing in my sleep or something.

I'm finding it helping to think "What would a skinny person do?" Like for lunch today, I was wanting curry (I guess I should edit that to think "What would a skinny broke person do?"), but I decided to just eat some of the things I had already and wait for dinner to get curry when I'll be focusing on studying. Zumba is on hold until next week as Christal has been sick and can't make it tonight. I should go but I'm stressed about my test so I think I'll prefer to study. Maybe I could go do leg day though on my own. Or just take Howland to the park and walk for a bit as well. I need to do something, that'd kill 2 birds with one stone so he'd leave me be to study.

I'm looking forward to Sunday so I can clean my kitchen and do dishes. I'm thinking I want to have an emptier fridge, and focus on having food that I eat, no extra. Think Italy, I didn't have a pantry, I went grocery shopping like every other day. I don't really mind that and it's on the way back from the gym. Also I need to clear out the freezers so I have room for smoothie packs and foods I'll actually eat, not Matt's leftover Costco box of premade chicken roll thingies. I'm not going to eat them and who knows when he'll be back here to eat them himself. Right now they are just taking up space and I think I want to sell my upright freezer.

My motto is now:
You can do/afford anything, but you can't do everything.

Also trying to remind myself that I already traveled, all around Europe for several months. I "front ended travel" as Matt put it. I think my big travel will have to wait until I build up savings and lose Howland. That'll be in like years. That gives me time to build up savings. I'm also thinking buying a house was not the best idea without savings and even when I do have savings, if you buy a house your extra money going into the house is money you aren't spending on travel or a car that isn't dying. Perhaps when I sell this house renting should be the long term plan. Finding a place that can take Howland will be the hardest part... and selling this house which is so tiny it seems a miracle that I'd find someone else to buy it. Perhaps it will just become a rental. And getting to the percentage where PMI comes off is a long ways away. I regret buying this house, I wish I could have been more patient, but that's never been a strength of mine. In fact, I would say lack of patience is my biggest weakness.

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